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An assortment of jewellery is unthinkable without chains and bracelets. They can be worn by women and men, choosing a suitable design. Gold chains elegantly complement both everyday and festive wear, as chains may always be combined with large or small pendants and other elements. Gold jewellery adds necessary accents to one’s image and dress, as it always looks elegant and creates a luxurious impression.

  • Gold chains are a popular choice for gift-giving. A chain can be a good present for a close friend or a loved one on a special occasion. It is also suitable for children and teenagers, as parents often want to give their children averting and symbolic jewellery. You can hang a religious symbol or pendant on the chain that reflects your family's beliefs and spiritual values.
  • Men's and women's taste in jewellery may vary considerably. For that reason, GEMMI offers a very wide range of gold chains available in different sizes and unique designs, allowing general-purpose chains to gain individuality and harmonise with the wearer's taste and other jewellery.
  • The choice of suitable jewellery depends not only on the design of the attire, but also on its colour, theme of the event, woman's haircut, hairstyle, and other jewellery that needs to be in accord in order to create a tasteful general image that will be noticed and appreciated at every event.
  • We offer buyers a wide selection of bracelets and laces made of rubber or red thread, combined with gold elements and clasps. They can be used as a basis for jewellery, which can be supplemented by the customer with a variety of pendants, crosses or icons available in the vast GEMMI jewellery assortment.
  • Gold necklaces are good adornments to highlight a lady's dress with a scoop neck, drawing attention to the wearer's elegance and natural charm. The neck is considered one of the most sensual parts of the body; therefore, its adornment with tasteful jewellery is always trendy. Even nowadays, women cannot imagine their jewellery collection without necklaces of different styles, sizes and designs.